Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Blushers - the cheek of it!

A Tale Of Excessive Blusher

I apply far too much blusher, I always have and mainly always will. I have rather a lot of face, and as a youngster it was plumper, rounded and lacked definition. My forties have given me a more defined face, I can see the dips under my cheek bones and the general area where blusher should be applied, apples of the cheeks apparently.  But I loathe rules and love whacking colour in all it's glory, on and around the area it should be. 
Yes applying lipstick gives you a better canvas to judge the correct amount of blusher to add but I like to top it up, just a bit. 
When I edit my beauty YouTube videos I often think that my blusher application would give Bette Davis a run for her money in 'Whatever Happened To Baby Jane'. Trouble is after years and years of seeing and adding makeup to my face, less looks ghostly and more looks about right. 

I've worked for a premium beauty brand, I've applied makeup on many individuals as a makeup artist and yet my own face I just throw the colour on. I adore a blank face, the potential, the possibilities of looks, but my own face - I know it's restrictions, it's awkwardness and as much as I love applying makeup it isn't that exciting. Also I feel when you see something everyday, you add more - it's familiarity - it breeds contempt and excessively added blusher. 

In the beginning it was powder, lot's, but now, oh the choice. 
I have powders, creams, gels, water blushers and colours to suit even the fussiest. Cream blushers are probably the safest application for me, I can almost look naturally flushed. Powder blushers are my tool of excess, once the brush is loaded and tapped, in I go, then again and certainly third time lucky hasn't been unheard of. 

As I've aged my skin tone has changed greatly and the blue toned shades are a complete no no. Warm pinks, corals are perfect, though again it can be difficult to choose, the important thing is skin tone and like buying a new foundation, the colour needs to be on the skin to give a true picture of how it's going to work. 

I strongly believe that if it makes you happy, sod the rules when it comes to makeup - I long to be wizened and old with Nana pink round blobs of blusher on my cheeks and overly pink lipstick drawn on where my mouth once was. I want to be free to use colour as I want and I can always take it off. 

So here's to wearing it our way. Just off to add a bit more blusher, I'm looking a little pale NOT

Blushers featured in pics, top to bottom 

Benefit/Dandelion -
Nars Powder Blush - limited edition
Daniel Sandler/Cherub -
Dior Creme Blush - no longer available  
Benefit/Rockateur -
MUA Whipped Velvet Blush/ChiChi -
RMK Lip 2 Cheek/Beloved -
Kevyn Aucoin Cream Blush/Tansoleil -
Sleek Powder Blush/Flamingo -
Daniel Sandler as above 
The Balm Company Blush/Argyle -
GOSH Cream Blush -
Makeup Revolution Powder Blushers -

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