Tuesday, 19 May 2015

NARS - Christopher Kane limited edition collection

Limited edition / Christopher Kane 

This tiny offering from the limited edition Christopher Kane collection (only available from Selfridges in the UK), is just about the prettiest item of makeup I have ever seen. It sparkles, glows and glimmers - with hints of gold, pink, rose and a smattering across the top of mauve, it is truly a sight to behold. 

For anyone cautious about sparkle, this may be the product for you, yes it does all of that 'jazz hands' look at me, glittery show off performance but..... it's not too much. 
Applied over a cream shadow, Mac, Bobbi Brown and the divine Charlotte Tilbury Mona Lisa cream shadow, it sits like a well behaved child at a wedding and shimmers just enough without being garish. 

The reflection of colour you notice more than the glitter, it warms the eye lid, brightens the eye colour and makes everything prettier. 

Limited Editions are tricky little blighters, you love them, but what if you use it all and then it's gone forever? 

The question is, do I buy a spare???????


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