Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Emotional Purchases - you see, you love, you buy!

This feeling happens occasionally which is very lucky, otherwise I would never have any money. 
I once bought a pair of shoes that hurt like hell but I loved them, proper heart thumping oh my goodness I have to have them feeling. I wore them twice and then displayed them for years.

Makeup has had this affect on me, a colour that just makes me need it, whether it would suit me or not - the creative side of my brain just can't be without it. The danger of this feeling is the all consuming need for the item and then the huge fall when the product really isn't all that great and like the shoes that caused me to walk like a duck, gives you pain rather than happiness. 

Here is a small selection of heart stopping beauty products, all colour that I just needed in my life. 

Firstly Dior, I declared my love for this item on video, the colour was perfection, sadly the finish was lip balm pigmented, so the colour of the bullet didn't transfer onto the lips, major disappointment but I still get a flutter when I open it. 

This is the best of both worlds, the colour and the price - how I love drugstore/high-street products. This MUA coral cream velvet pot of gorgeous-ness just had to come home with me and how I love it. Even better it works with my skin tone and adds a flush of warmth and a pop of coral brightness to my face without being too orange and obvious. 

Another blusher that spoke to my heart without a second thought that the colour was shall we say 'bright' and it has a blue undertone which I normally steer clear from as most blue toned products make me look rather ill! Was the stunning Nars limited edition Coeur Battant - it never fails to make me smile but I do know it isn't really me. I am very careful about the application of this blusher, just a hint on the cheeks and blend away until there is just a suggestion of colour. 
As with most Nars products the colours are as strong as the pan they sit within, pigmented is not the word for the power they pack. I love it but it shows how blind I can be when the creative section of my brain kicks in. 

A tale of two lipsticks now, both high-end and the fact I do not need anything else for my lips was completely ignored quite easily by me. Mac not only offered the cutest packaging with their Toledo range, a definite eye catching look and then the most gorgeous matte blue red, which I love - the texture of the matte range work well for me, they are not too drying and give such a true representation of the colour of the bullet. 

Next Chanel, how I love thee Chanel, I know it's just a lipstick but there is something wonderful about taking a lipstick from your makeup bag, applying a layer of colour and then clicking that gorgeous bullet back in it's case again.
I saw this glorious shade in a magazine. La Petillante, matte in finish and the most beautiful coral/pink/red shade I have seen since the last coral lipstick caught my eye. This is just perfection and quickly became a favourite, easy to apply and a great colour if I don't want a strong hit of red but still want to wear a statement lipstick. 

If Disney made eyeshadow then this would be it - a limited edition offering from Nars (again). This time fashion designer Christopher Kane has collaborated with the brand and created a beautiful range. After two lovely bloggers enabled me (this is the excuse we use when we see something, buy it and make ourselves feel better by blaming others). Lozzy Loves Lippy & And Beauty or Something were sharing the love and I saw, I fell and I bought! 
This has to be one of the most magical shadows I have laid my eyes on, Outer Limits sparkles in a golden, pink, bronze way, with a shimmer of mauve dusted across the top, it must have magical powers?
I am almost reluctant to use it, when something is so pretty it feels wrong to even swatch it. 
Tiny in packaging, but little things can often be the most rewarding. 

So, there is my declaration of love, being creative can be expensive, especially when it's high end products. I try to learn from my mistakes but, well, my heart can often rule my head. 


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