Wednesday, 24 June 2015


French Riviera

My attention span for many things is negligible, except when it comes to books, makeup, skincare and chocolate. 
I am madly enthusiastic about many things but give it a day, week, month, year and the novelty wears off and I am madly raving about something else. 
My Little Box has been a mixed bag for me and my intense happiness of the Christmas feel of this delightful mixture of stationary, gifts and cosmetics was hard to stem at first. I excitedly opened each months and loved it. Then the boxes, or me changed, certain months it felt as though the box had little thought behind it. The handy magazine was turned into what I can only imagine is a cheaper alternative in it's poster revealing form, this did not please. The gifts were often pointless for me but the there was always something each month that I would like. The products are generally great choices and I have loved using them, although it's the My Little Beauty range that please the most and these are unavailable to buy in the UK currently stampsfoot. I considered opting out but I didn't, knowing that it would sods law that the month I don't get a box, it will be the best box ever!

So let's take a peak at the June offering ........

Firstly this was a GOOD box as you will see from my unboxing on YouTube, check video out on here I loved it all, well nearly!

My Little Box is always beautifully presented, this month it was a collaboration box (something that occurs every few months), this time I had not a clue who the lady mentioned on the box was. This was answered for me within the annoying leaflet, poster thingy!!!! So Sarah Lavoine a respected Parisian interior designer with her own agency, had her design hand in this month's offerings and it showed - everything was so well balanced and thought through. 

Firstly loosening the ever present ribbon revealed the regular featured quote card, these can be framed and certainly make a nice alternative to just hanging pictures. 

The annoyance that is the My Little World leaflet/poster, how I wish they would bring the magazine format back. This leaflet opens out to a fairly decent poster sized irritation. There is less information than the magazine and this is not handbag friendly (I kept the magazine in my bag for boring moments). Loathe this and never keep them. 

Above are the delightful gifts, a superb idea and though they are technically plant holders - they offer so many display options and as you can see I use mine on my desk, perfect for camera lenses. 

Next I was really happy that sunglasses made an appearance, great plastic frosted frames with circular lens. The purple tone shade is perfect and the category 3 glasses provide basic sun protection. I am still a little wary of circular glasses added to my already round face??? 

The beauty items are generally very reliable and although only three at most times, they offer a range of uses. 
This time the My Little Beauty Bag contained a delightfully seaside packaged body scrub, which smells so fresh and invigorating. 

I am always happy to see Kerastase feature in the box and this time a seasonal appropriate hair taming milk, much needed when the sun and sea have taken hold of my hair. 

Finally a nail polish, which apparently are the most disliked items in beauty boxes, I agree nail colour is very personal. 
This rich sea green certainly packs a colour punch and although I see (forgive the pun) the sea link with the colour, for me it is more for Autumn than summer. 
Though the colour links beautifully with the whole design of the box and is apparently Sarah Lavoine's favourite colour and features in her apartment. 

So, this month was a definite positive, great gifts, beauty products, beautiful box and quote card. Don't get me started on the leaflet AGAIN!

Of course, the fact that I live by the sea may also be the reason I adore this box. Everything links to my life and surroundings, the storage carriers fit perfectly into my office, the card is so apt and the body scrub has pride of place in our nautical bathroom. 
Overall, this was one of my favourite boxes, everything matched, worked together and the colour theme was perfect. 

See you in July, let's see how that box rates. 


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