Sunday, 5 July 2015

L'Occitane Conditioner

This little bottle of not quite but nearly the best conditioner I have used was a freebie and what a delightful free thing it has been. With it's L'Occitane matching shampoo, borrowed swiped by the man of the house and proclaimed one of the best shampoos he had used on his hair after swimming. I managed hide away the conditioner and forgot about it. 

So when it was found I felt that sharing wasn't an option and snaffled it into my bathroom, hidden behind a very girlie shower gel (where no man would dare explore). 
With five essential oils you can imagine the herb garden aroma, it smelt good as I worked it through the ends of my hair. Not only did it work through with ease, leaving my hair smelling rather smashing but once dry my hair was beautifully soft, lightweight, glossy and easily styled (not that I do much of that).
This repairing and strengthening conditioner certainly does what it promises, leaving hair detangled, soft and shiny thanks to the high concentration of plant ingredients. 
So with the mutual love from us both in Rougepout beauty head quarters, I think from a little sample a purchase may happen. 

Not sure where the samples came from, may have been a magazine or from My Little Box, they were not PR samples. 


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