Monday, 17 August 2015

GlossyBox, the monthly box experience

There was a shallow reason for the act of subscription in this case, plain and simple. I saw the box and LOVED it. I have written before that the creative, pretty things, red lipstick and eat lot's of cake side of my head often taking the lead in my decision making. 
Here is the proof it has risen again!

This July Limited Edition Box just leaps out with it's sheer vulgar "look at me, I'm gorgeous" attitude.

Let's have a peak within the cardboard wonder -
Everything was wrapped in red tissue paper and tied with a white ribbon, no evidence of this remains as it was snaffled away into my use later for pretty things box. 
The general info leaflet about the products was informative as was the introduction to the lady who had designed the box - as the leaflet now resides in my recycle bin as I write this, I am sadly without her name, apologies, but she did a great job. 

With five items to pick from, there was only one that made me scowl, Yves Rocher's fragrance is feminine, floral, light and soft. These words do not sell a fragrance to me, I like musky, strong, heavy make people cough fragrances - not for me but a nice packaged sample size.

The full sized item was the prettier than a pretty thing in a shop called pretty.  The lipgloss covered in cakes packaging, that's all it takes for me really.
Although full sized the tube was half empty, the contents are very sweet and lip loving, I like this clear balm and it's permanent home is now my handbag, great for top ups. 

The beauty of this box was the inclusion of brands I had not heard of, makes it more exciting and truly is trial and error. Next NoxiDoxi, love the name and this was going to hydrate, tighten my pores (you can try) and give my skin a anti-oxidant shield. This serum is to be applied before moisturiser and without spf means it's perfect for am or pm. 
A nice lightweight lotion that sinks straight in but leaves that hint of glow behind. 

This has one of those proper grown up names that skincare frightens customers with, Teoxane Cosmeceuticals - it sounds serious and in a way it is. This offers the skin the renewal it needs, as we get older (yes, it happens to us all, if we are lucky) and skin isn't as cooperative, it needs helps to go it's merry way and leave us with brighter looking skin. This resilient (their words) hyaluronic cream works overnight, very luxurious texture and smells creamy (I know but sometimes they do).

and finally the cherry on the top, this makeup pouch makes my creative heart flutter. It is everything and yet it is a makeup pouch, nothing more, it doesn't brighten my skin, hide my dark circles, gives my eyes colour but it makes me smile and we all need that, don't we?

If you are interested here is the link for the GlossyBox site, I have no idea what to expect next month but I'm sure it won't have the heart fluttering, creative impact this limited edition box did. 


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