Monday, 24 August 2015

My Little Box / GlossyBox

As I am currently receiving two beauty boxes a month, it made sense to look at them side by side and see what you get for your money and whether purely beauty is the way forward for a beauty obsessive.
My Little Box is for the eclectic amongst us, yes it has beauty but it also has fashion and lifestyle gifts to surprise you each month. Beautifully presented and themed every month, this gives a lovely surprise on opening, although avoiding social media is advisable if you don't want the surprise spoiling.

There are options for subscription and you can unsubscribe at any time, how easy this is I am unable to say.
The box is £11.00 per month with £3.95 p&p -

Once unwrapped and the ribbon relaxed, the products fall into place and so your search begins, what catches the eye, what makes you shudder and have they still got that damn leaflet (more of that later).

The quote card is a long standing addition to the box and though quite novel, you could frame them or use them for gift cards in presents as I do. I am becoming rather bored of them.

The box includes information leaflets on the accessories and beauty products, listing details about the products and the full size prices. 

Each month there are themed accessories, it can't be guaranteed that you will always like them, but that's the case with most things. Usually two to work with from laptop covers, sunglasses to hair/bracelet bands this time and a rather sweet embroidered bag, which I loved. 


Beauty products for the month of August were pretty good, though I did feel the bronzer would have been more welcome earlier in the year. The rain is perhaps dampening my spirits (excuse the pun).
Each month there are 3 beauty items, one is a full sized item from the beauty section of the brand, and they have been a welcome find, although unavailable in the UK sadly, the quality and efficiency of the products have been impressive. I loved the bronzer, smooth texture, quite dark, maybe too dark. The packaging is fun and eye catching. 

The lip and cheek colour from So Susan interested me, not that I don't have tons of lip & cheek products but it was a brand that keeps drifting in and out of my beauty field of vision.
The colour of course was very me, was it red?, yes of course it was, with a hint of pink.

Finally a welcome body milk, these little treats encourage me to moisturise my much neglected body, the sigh it gives is almost audible when I apply product. So the Korres body lotion was more than welcome.

Of course over time the novelty wears off with anything but I still feel excited when the box arrives and I open it, when they do a good box it is VERY good and honestly there have only been a couple that I truly did not like, at all.

My greatest annoyance is the cheapening of the box, by altering a most welcome and informative My Little World booklet, full of great articles and perfect for throwing into my handbag in to a poster revealing, waste of space, boring leaflet, which I have now even stopped glancing at, I actually growl in it's mere presence. One of my lovely subscribers actually took the initiative to contact My Little Box UK and ask if they would be returning to the booklet format - sadly the answer was in the negative.
It does feel a little as though they have got their subscribers and now they are slowly lowering the quality of the product, time will tell how far this will go and I will be more than happy to be proved wrong.

Boxing clever, we move on my newest subscription, GlossyBox
This is only my second box and I have been fortunate to have two rather good boxes, the first being the limited edition for July and the birthday box (Happy 4th Birthday) with four full sized items.
This is purely beauty and the box is a standard pink box with the GlossyBox insignia written in black on the front. The excitement of this is the opening and the product reveal.

The box normally contains five products, one being full size, a leaflet included in the box gives product details and the prices for the full size. 
There are several options of subscription, I have the monthly plan, which apparently makes unsubscribing straight forward. 
This costs £10.00 per month with p&p of £3.25

Skincare, body care and colour were the items offered this month and I was very happy with the toner from Spanish brand Naobay. 

The Sass intimate body wash, I was underwhelmed by, also my decision to only use as a shower gel ended very quickly, it smells terrible, not for me. 

The most simply presented blush/bronzer I have ever seen from Emite, a Swedish brand and listing this full sized item at £20.59! A finger swatch had me recoiling in horror, it was the colour of clay infused mud. However, a proper swatch was a pleasant introduction to a beautifully smooth and soft warming 'blunzer' (blusher, bronzer - they said it not me).

The next colour product was a matte lip crayon from Me Me Me. I have a drawer full of these, matte, glossy, satin, nearly satin, not quite glossy - you get the idea but the colour is peachy, literally a coral peach and with hope in my heart that the sun may be seen again I think this may be a welcome addition.

Finally a lash primer, not something I search out and purchase but I've used them when given samples or received them in boxes etc. This full sized Manna Kadar gel formula nourishes lashes with Vitamin B12. Also using the formula will enhance the look of lashes when mascara is applied. 

Both boxes are exciting in their own way, one offering purely beauty the other giving the eclectic among us a little of everything. 
For the time being I will stick with both boxes but the beauty box market is constantly being flooded with new boxes, many limited editions, some you can tailor to your needs - the choice is mind blowing and makes sticking with one almost impossible with all the temptation out there. 


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