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Penning a note to eyeshadow pens!

My collection of eyeshadow pens appears to have grown, I am certain that maybe they have multiplied without any regard to the space available in the specific eyeshadow pen drawer. Or that I, the blogger in question may have bought or been gifted all of them, again with little regard of space, can perspex drawers bend under the weight of makeup?, I think I may prove that they can!

For me eye shadow palettes get my pulse racing (George Clooney can also cause a similar reaction but he isn't as keen on being kept in perspex drawers I hear).
I do like a pot of eyeshadow cream, nothing like sticking a digit in and smearing with total abandon over the eyes. 
But eyeshadow pens just make the job easier and don't bulk out my makeup bag, plus the choices of colour are headache inducing. Most blend easily and stay put, they give a flattering finish and are often a better choice if you find powder shadows fall down or look creased and harsh. These are a superb way to give that perfect look without the stress and mess.

Let's have a gleek at a few that I adore starting with my favourite pens from the ByTerry brand. 

These Ombre Blackstar pens never fail to give the perfect finish on the mobile lid and work equally well as liner under the eye. They apply smoothly and cause less irritation for many who find using pencil liner or eyeshadow scratchy with a certain amount of fall out. These make application precise, simple and they blend so easily with fingers or a synthetic brush (I find they blend the shadow evenly and wash well).
A superb choice of colours, two that really stand out are Misty Rock, the one nearest in the pic and Brown Perfection the furthest in the pic. Stunning shades, with a perfect long lasting finish.  

A recent discovery thanks to, Gosh have certainly got a winning formula with their Metallic Eyeshadow Stick, smooth, applied like butter and gives a metallic finish, the price makes it a great option and a dupe for the high-end options out there. I have the shade Brown 04, I am a creature of habit, browns work for me and there are so many tones out there, no one is the same (that's what I tell myself anyway).
Check out your local stockists for other shades, they do all have a metallic finish, something I struggle with as I find them stark and harsh but this brown is soft enough to carry the strength of the metallic look. Also Waterproof, it's staying exactly where you put it. 

No7 Stay Perfect pens were often named as the dupe to grab if you liked the ByTerry pens but not the price. They have similar colours but the texture, finish and 
longevity are not a match. They are soft on application but the pigment isn't as strong and you need to really work the colour to get a true match of the pens actual colour. 
A reasonable product that works to a point and lasts but the colour wears away after time. 

*Kiko, this was my first outing with a product from the brand and I was rather impressed with the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow, the colour was perfect, smooth finish, reasonable pigment and it didn't budge throughout the day. Again the colour was a red brown tone 05, for me these tones work and suit my colouring. Packaged as are most eye pens, you propel the amount  you need to apply. Great price option also and colour choices. 

*This little beauty fell out of a monthly box from My Little Box, sadly the beauty side of this box is not available in the UK and what a shame it is, the products are of a high standard. This was no exception and gave such a true colour, with ease of application and blended to a soft flattering subtle smokey brown. The small amount of shimmer gives a nice reflection to the colour and is build-able to give that grungy smokey look. 

*Eyeko, I love the packaging of the brand, but the products have not always worked for me. Eyeliners have been the eye-nnoyance of my life, drying out within days of use (yes days). 
This Fat Eye Stick was a freebie with a monthly magazine and I had high hopes, the colour is a step away from my much loved browns, this blue grey certainly works well and is very soft (greasy almost - not a great word but it was). I liked the colour but the shadow moved a lot, collected in the crease of my eye, even with primer over the lid and transfers to upper brow bone. I keep it because although it is my least favourite, it is superb for a full on smokey, messy eye, PERFECT.

There we have it, the pens that make life and makeup quicker, easier and prettier. Multi-purpose, eyeshadow, liner and the Boot No7 can actually give a highlight finish but needs blending well. 
There will be more, how can I refuse?

*Kiko was in a beauty box,  I did purchase the box, the item wasn't gifted.
*My Little Box, item was part of the monthly box, I purchased the box, it was not gifted.
*Eyeko was a GWP with a monthly magazine, I purchased the magazine. 

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