Saturday, 26 September 2015

BALANCE ME PURE SKIN FACE WASH - weighing up a face wash

Cleansing is a fastidious process for me, I have products that form a regular part of my routine which I rotate but one thing rarely changes, the use of a flannel or cloth. 
This is more prevalent during my evening routine when removing makeup and the days drudge from my face but I do like to use a cloth in the morning, so how did this face wash fair in my cloth world?

Balance Me is such a beautifully presented brand, simple packaging but pretty. Products that contain all the right things and not the nasties, parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oil, colours, fragrance and the ever present propylene glycol. The brand is also against animal testing (not sure if this means they don't or just they are against it??).
I avoid facial washes, not my thing at all but samples have a way of tempting even the most stubborn skincare obsessive and I love a bit of Balance Me
So many facial washes strip my face, leaving it dry, in fact parched would be the more appropriate feeling. My skin is on it's hands and knees begging for moisture with many, so I avoid them. 

This Pure Skin Facial Wash not only cleanses and balances the skin but it hydrates and soothes congested skin. Perfect for oily skin but gentle enough for even the most sensitive. 
With anti-oxidant Moringa to work on bacteria and spruce knot to help with stressed skin, this I hoped would be a facial wash to prove me wrong.  

Pout Thoughts:

  • Lovely rich texture, feels nice on the face
  • Used this as part of my morning routine rather than evening, although it does remove makeup well, I preferred it's daytime talents.
  • Blended it over my dry face and worked product in, introducing water transforms gel into a milky substance that can be washed away or to my delight can easily be removed with a cloth without creating a soapy mess on the face. 
  • Skin feel very clean and bright after use.
  • No dryness to the face at all.
  • For a quick wash this is perfect and even without using a cloth the skin is clean, with no residue left behind.
  • Perfect as a second cleanse as part of evening routine if you like to use a wash, for me I prefer to balms and oils to remove my makeup.
  • Enjoyed this product and would certainly look at buying this for holidays, it certainly kept my skin clean and balanced.

Skincare can soon gather you in and when you find products that work and a routine that does all you want for you skin it's hard to break the habit. This has proved me wrong about this face wash at least and certainly made me think about my shuttered view of products that don't have the words balm, oil, cloth, flannel in them. 

Here's to Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash, cleansing without drying the skin, certainly worth a look.

*this was a product from a beauty box purchased by me

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