Monday, 21 September 2015

MY LITTLE fashion BOX - indepth look.

My Little Fashion Box 

After nearly a year of receiving this boxed beauty I still get excited as the delivery date gets near and I find I loiter near my letterbox with an expectant air.
Certain months bring huge delights, from the attractive themed boxed to the contents brimming inside. Other times, the box can open into an array of non pleasing items, that are met with a glare and the three year old in my head actually has a tantrum (look away now).
Overall I still love the surprise of this box and usually find most items very pleasing, the beauty range from their own brand has been a huge success with me, from the packaging to the product quality. 

The month of September brings fashion to the forefront, although I was little lost with the connection when there was only a scarf as the designated fashion item!
The ever present quote card and leaflet format of the beauty news was ever present.

Cointreau was the surprise item with it's booklet of recipes nesting within the box. Not sure really the link to fashion but if you like liqueurs then I am sure this was a welcome addition. As a mainly non-drinker (I can be bribed with a gin and tonic), this didn't appeal- or should that be a'peel (orange liqueur, peel, as in orange me laughing then).

Rather like this square cut delicate neck adornment, it has a Mulberry look about it if you stand 50 paces away and squint. 
Love black and white, and this will make a welcome addition to my extensive scarf collection. I'm thinking black ballet pumps, my cream mac and this scarf - perfect. 

Loved this bag and because I am always referring to people as 'my lovely or my lovelies when it comes to my subscribers' this made me smile.
The contents were even more pleasing with a smattering of skincare/base product, hair care and a red lip thingy, oh I love a red lip thingy. 

La Roche Posay is a brand that rocks skincare, it works, it's affordable and they go for quality product rather than overly fancy packaging. I was excited by this BB creme, although in the shade fair I was determined to play with this and hope to add to my small list of much loved BB and CC products. 
My first use was a little disappointing as this product certainly finds pores, sets up home and is there to stay. A sponge helps to lessen the damage but it really makes pores obvious. Annoyingly everywhere else on the face it was lovely, soft focused finish, even skin tone and brighter skin.

As a lazy person when it comes to hair I have learnt a couple of things, one is that rollers and my hair are not a good combination and secondly Kerastase really produce some hair-raising good products. 
This tousled spray may be more a summer thing for me but it smells gorgeous and I may decide that tousled is my look for October. 

It's red!
Often that is all it takes for a product to get my appreciation, a good pink red or blue red and I am there with bells on.
This I adored from the polka dot packaging to the cream texture of this lip puckering stunning pink product. 
A swatch on my hand told me all I needed to know and then when I tried to remove it and discovered I may have actually tattooed myself as this was going nowhere. This is a LONG lasting, hard wearing product, with a depth of colour you can only dream of (until now), nice texture, not great when reapplied but the colour does hold reasonably well. 

The products and the scarf were the biggest hit with me, just love that lip product. I didn't feature the nail art stickers as they really didn't stand out for me but a nice idea if nails are your thing. 

I'm already looking forward to October's boxed surprise. 


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