Friday, 2 October 2015

DANIEL SANDLER - Intense Pro Volume Mascara

Brands are often just a name, a heading, we look for the familiarity on the shelf, reach for it and use it year in and year out. It is very rare to ever connect or even know the person or people behind the brand but in this case I do know Daniel Sandler through Twitter and he has to be one of the friendliest, kindest and most supportive makeup artists out there. Even better his makeup range has some of the best foundations and concealers I have used, the iconic Watercolour blush has been copied but never bettered and now mascara!
I heard so much about this Intense Pro Volume mascara, and I love a great wand that will coat my lashes, take hold of them and bulk them till there is nothing left to bulk, proper full on lash coating mascara and this sounded like my thing . 
The surprise was a lovely friend kindly sent me the very mascara as a gift (one of life's good eggs). 

With a non flaking, clump proof formula, lashes can be coated with the creamy liquid and with it's no smudging capabilities you can't go wrong. Add the paraben and fragrance free formula and your lashes are fluttering. 

I must admit here that I have been blessed with long lashes and that often makes the job easier with mascara, I can pretty much whack anything on them and get a result, not always the full on flutter but something noticeable. 
This was a different wand for me, flat with bristles poking from the sides, I actually feel the wand really helps coat and work my lashes into a great curled and lengthened shape, they are so long. 

As with most things it's often one or the other - formula or tool, this was both. I liked the amount of formula and the consistency when working through the lashes, it held them in place with a nice curl (I don't use curlers).
Although I use a vast amount of mascara I dislike that 'crispy' feel lashes get when you head in with your fifteenth coat, this still feels soft on the lashes even with several applications. 

A lovely product, from a makeup artist who understands what is needed from products, simple packaging but great working products. 


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