Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Makeup Academy Skin Define Hydro Foundation

Recently I have been having a high street foundation love in, after much success with one, this was on the list after reading a review from Elegant Ageless Beauty.
It must be said her love and reviews of many beautiful items from Makeup Academy have sent me dashing (not quite through the snow, but you catch my drift - pun definitely intended) headlong into my local Superdrug in 'need' of a product. 

And so it came to be with the Hydro Foundation.
This lightweight, fresh foundation with added vitamin E and jojoba had a choice of yellow and pink toned shades. Sadly many were only in tester form but 'beige' had a pink hue which caught my eye and into the basket it went (as did other bits but we won't talk about that!)

All foundations work in many different ways, some apply using any and every beauty tool you can imagine, others work superbly with a brush but a sponge just absorbs the product, some apply from fingers and blend with a sponge and I always use every method possible to get the best results. 
With this foundation, I was truly at a loss, lightweight it certainly was (although it looked fairly substantial on the back of my hand) - so light was the consistency it was negligible. I added another layer, and again it may as well have been clear water (which in effect it is), there was no consistency, tone or finish to distinguish this product whatsoever. Layering was a pointless exercise.
Over several days I tried all the above application techniques, I even added a primer, altered my moisturiser but to no avail, the foundation did not exist on my face.
One minute it was on the back of my hand and when applied to my face (it does feel rather cooling which I liked) it was nothing, totally transparent with no benefit of a glow or subtle coverage. The colour could not be seen by the naked eye at all, my skin didn't resemble a face with any base coverage on at all. 
My only saviour I hoped would be I could maybe use it on a smaller area of my face, maybe to correct or conceal under the eye. Unfortunately this again left me with no discernible product at all.

I have had more coverage from the lightest BB creams out there, it was such a disappointment, especially as this is a brand I regular find little gems of makeup that give high-end a run for their money. On this occasion this wasn't the product for me, I can't even imagine who it would work for as I couldn't even distinguish the product on my face. 

But it proves not all products work or are for everyone, it's nice to have different opinions and please read Elegant's blog for a different outlook on this very affordable £4 a tube product. 

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