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Sunday Riley Cleansing Balm - cleansing the soul?

Sunday Riley is the brand that has given so much to my skin, willingly, without complaint. We won't linger on the expensive cost of the range, damn you for being so good. 
Finally Sunday Riley joined the cleasning balm brigade and a welcome addition it is. 

After the introduction of Luna Oil with blue tansy, here it features again within this tranquil sea coloured balm. The essential oil is perfect for irritated, inflamed or burnt skin, oil and balm would be perfect to take away on holiday for delicate skin moments. 
The balm also offers 

  • German Chamomile & Bees wax to soothe dry, flaky skin. 
  • Clementine Petigrain a calming essential oil which helps skin with tone, texture and clarity
  • Can be used as a hydrating mask
  • Apply to dry face

This hard balm takes a good poke with a digit to break through the blue cake of cleanser. I've found less is more which is always appreciated with a high end brand, a good cleanser shouldn't require half the tub to work.
I've found working this within the palms of my hands softens the cleanser and it works far better over my face, otherwise it can be lumpy which isn't my ideal when working a product over my face. 
With the warmth from my hands and face this works at lifting all makeup from my face with ease, even mascara gently dissolves and emalgumates with the rest of my now cleansered makeup.
Using a flannel that has been soaked in fairly warm water this removes easily, easing makeup from the face and leaving my skin soft. 
Double cleasning is always a must for me, but it would be possible to use this as your only cleanse, makeup is entirely lifted from the face. 

The texture, sweetness of smell but not overly fragrant makes this a luxurious option for your skincare routine. A product that has a duel purpose as a cleanser and mask. Not only does it cleanse the face but it will help with any irritation, flaky skin issues and calms also. Developed for mature skin, I wouldn't age restrict this, if you have any skin irritation or dryness this is perfect. I have neither and sport a combination and oily skin, but still find this cleans superbly, leaving my skin soft, smooth, bright and no dryness to the skin. 

My list of much loved cleansers is growing. 

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