Sunday, 20 December 2015

Desert Essence - not a brand to shy away from

Desert Essence couldn't have chosen better products for me to try, hair and body products with one of my favourite loves, Coconut. My first trial began with the hair range of Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Defrizzer - let the folicle tale begin.....

Coconut is one of my favourite smells, so these hair products were already popular just from my initial sniff, not overly sweet that you feel you would fit in well in a tin of Roses chocolates but a richness that lingers long after use.

From the first use of the shampoo* I was delighted to almost feel a squeak to my scalp, not a super foamy lather, enough to cleanse the hair and scalp. It rinses out well leaving no residue. My ultimate treat was the super shiny hair once it was dry. My hair was in super condition after this and it worked superbly with my coloured hair, it made the colour more vibrant. 

The equally delightfully smelling conditioner* was a treat and a little of the coconut scented product worked through the ends of my hair made it knot free, less frizzy and certainly softer where it had been quite dry, the ends are not my best. 
However my love of this product ended rather quickly as a certain husband snaffled it from the shower and announced that it was perfect for his hair after swimming, leaving it in perfect condition (no pun intended). This in-depth conversation resembled a hair advert of the man running his fingers through is perfectly conditioned tresses while smiling smugly to himself, the scent of coconut heavy in the air as he passed by smoothing his locks. 
For the man himself to actually notice the workings of a product is something to behold, so this is a great product. 

Finally hair wise, the humongous bottled offering of hair de-frizzer*, that I sprayed, it lingered in the air to my delight and our bedroom smelt of holidays for quite some time. 
This is quite a wet spray and this means you need such a little amount to achieve the results you want. So often it takes half a bottle to give the hair a good covering but this only requires a couple of spritz and the hair has a nice coating of product. For my hair this works best when applied during the drying stage. Once I have released the locks from the towel, I then spritz this coconut heavy defrizzer, I use my fingers to work it through my hair. It can replace any hair oils you may use or can be applied after. Not only does it make my hair smell great and I have just applied it purely for that need, I want my head to smell like a coconut!
It makes my hair manageable, there is no fight to brush it and I have certainly noticed my hair responds better to any heated styling tools I use, which are more frequent during the colder seasons (summer is just hair on top of my head season). 
Hands down this has been a great brand of hair products and I will be needing a full size shampoo very soon, I love it, no doubt the conditioner will be on the list. The hair spray is so vast and so little is needed that it will last for months.
A lovely brand, great smelling and my hair loves it, a desert island selection of products for me.

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