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INGENIOUS BEAUTY - COLLAGEN CAPSULES the future of great skin?

Ingenious Beauty Collagen Capsules

The hardest thing in life is self belief, when you firmly know something works for you and yet the majority will have graphs, pie charts and lists of reasons why it can't - to still carry on needs strength. I have previously read so many varying views of taking collagen and yet my initial experience last year was such a positive one I couldn't ignore. I noticed a change in my skin but also in my physical well being. I was therefore only too pleased to try collagen again but this time from Ingenious Beauty in capsule form. 

Ingenious Beauty have created a non-additive collagen product that is to help counter act the general ageing process, it is NOT a food substitute and neither is it developed to treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions. 
The capsules contain 100% fish and vegetable origin, with each capsule holding 340mg of Collagen+ formulation, this triple active formulation aids with the absorption of the product within the body. Using marine collagen peptide (which because of its small molecular weight) aids the collagen to reach exactly where it is required, thereby achieving better absorption within the body, other collagen products are often broken down in the stomach and pass through the body without a high level being used by the body.

With three capsules to take on an empty stomach, it is recommended to take them during the evening, I may do this before bed, although I was thinking of trying them first thing in the morning when I haven't eaten at all, it will be trial and error. Ingenious have kindly got in touch and evening is the recommended time as they work best within the first 45 minutes of sleep! Evening it is folks. 
So what can I expect from these Ingenious Beauty* capsules, the Marine Collagen helps repair the structure of the skin, resulting in smoother surface skin. Natural Astaxanthin prevents UV damage but also works on any existing damage present. With Natural Hyaluronic Acid this will hold moisture, helping to hydrate and plump the skin. Certainly the triple actives have my skin covered, hopefully my nails will be stronger and I am especially interested in how the collagen affects my hair, will it be thicker?
It is suggested I will see results within 10 - 20 days, this appears to relate to a 26% reduction in wrinkles, of which I haven't got a vast amount but we'll see the overall results when I've finished the bottle. 

I am looking forward to seeing the results and always I am very interested in how they make me feel physically, having had such positive results previously. 
I have no known allergies to any ingredients but please read below if you have any concerns. 

As with any product taken orally, it is always worth checking with your doctor if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have known allergies to protein. If you are at all unsure just ring your surgery and check first before beginning the course of capsules. 

I will be returning with my diary/review after taking the 40 day supply of the 120 capsules from Ingenious Beauty.

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*Samples, gifts and pr samples may feature, all opinions are my own. 

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