Thursday, 18 February 2016

AEOS Beauty Body Lotion

Why do lovely things come in small packages?
Aeos has had me spinning from the delights of their blue set and after careering my way through the skincare it was finally time to try the body products. Aeos Beauty Body Lotion was certainly a lemon coloured treat. 

With many a bottle and tube of body creams and lotions, I had decided to wait before breaking out yet another. It's always the ones you save that turn out to be the ones that you really should have opened immediately. 

My skin has been a problem recently, luckily not on my face but my neglect of my body during the winter is of mammoth proportions, basically it's washed and clothed. 
So Aeos couldn't have made that much difference surely - of course basic neglect didn't help and neither did the occasional application of highly fragrant potions that had seagulls falling from the parapet. This gentle lavender laced lotion just smoothed over my body and everything felt immediately calmer, less itchy - yes I am a scratcher and since I no longer have my mother to tell me off about my constant itching and picking, I pick with abandon and then my skin is sore, red and scarred. This simple yellow toned lotion smelt relaxing, soothed my skin and certainly made it's dry appearance look in better condition, using this for the following week made such a difference to the texture of my skin and certainly calmed the inflamed areas. 
From the relaxing fragrant notes of the cream to the soothing quality it was certainly one I wish I had a bigger bottle of, again a product that has highly concentrated ingredients which mean less is more, this little tube was sadly finished all too quickly for me. I make that statement so many times throughout the reviews, just as you get into the product it's all gone!

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