Saturday, 6 February 2016

Aeos Dew Facial Wash

This was the red herring of the set, Aeos Dew Facial Wash had a texture like no other and not what I was expecting.
In I went expecting a gel like consistency but no, how lovely to have a watery product that could be sprayed directly onto the face if you so wished and yet gives a perfect cleanse to the skin, especially as part of my morning routine. 

A light and refreshing alternative to facial gels, creams and balms, this worked perfectly as part of my morning skincare routine. 
Although very subtle it gave a nice clean feel to my face, I adored the subtle aroma of the product and certainly my skin welcomed the neroli, lemon and honey oils within. 
The ever present citrus notes that lingers throughout the range I find so uplifting, a joy to use and smell. 
Not one for removing any type of makeup but perfect for a refreshing wake up or if you've had a no makeup day. 

Sadly the bottle was empty all too soon. 

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