Thursday, 11 February 2016

Aeos Gentle Exfoliant - gentle giant of skincare

The word gentle and exfoliant may seem a little unusual, how can something that asks your dead skin cells to leave be gentle, Aeos give you the answer with their Gentle Exfoliant.

Exfolaints vary, it's no longer the days of harsh, abrasive pots of skin scratching horrors. Exfoliants are gentle, caring and work without damaging the skins surface. 

Aeos's exfoliant is almost a lotion but with exfoliant subtlety, you feel the tiniest texture to this product, nothing discernible but there. 
I worked this onto my damp skin, blending over my whole face, using the warmth of my hands to keep everything soft and moving. 
Using either a cloth to remove, although I do find exfoliant is easier removed while showering. 
This kept my skin smooth, certainly gentle enough to use regularly, 2 -3 times a week. 
A delicious skincare product that kept my drudge like winter skin in check. 


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