Thursday, 4 February 2016

AEOS Skincare/Aura-Soma - The Answer to all your skincare needs.

My eagerness is over-whelming to share this palpitation inducing skincare set from Aeos.

Before you get settled in ready for pages of skincare reviews, this is merely an introduction, as you can see from the Optimal Essentials kit there is superb selection of products, that make trialling skincare and travel a perfect combination. Product reviews will follow, but I couldn't resist letting you have a peak at this delightful range of skincare. 

 This kit offers 10 travel friendly sized skincare products, there are two kits to choose from, blue or pink which form part of the brands Waveforms of colour - the natural colour of the products are suited to the needs of the user. If you feel pink is your direction, this is the colour of love, caring and warmth, the pink skincare set is enhanced with fire opal, rose quartz and rubelite. 
If blue appeals then fear not you may not have warmth but serenity, peace and naturing is assigned to you with the skincare products gaining from the added amethyst, turquoise and emerald.

Each product has a purpose within the Aeos three phase format for Morning and Evening - Aeos recommend using their products with damp skin. 

Renewal - the cleansing aspect of skincare

Re balance - using mists and energising moisturisers prep the skin for the following products.

Replenish - moisturisers and serums give the skin what it needs. 

Extra skin boosters are always and option and these little bottles certainly give you every option and routine possible to deal with any skincare issue that life throws your way. 

Aeos products contain natural, organic, bio dynamic plant extracts, oils and essences. But this brand offers a little more than many, within ancient holistic healing and treatments the body, spirit and soul are viewed as a balanced unity. Aeos extend this belief by including liquid gems and crystals, collectively known as Spagyric Tinctures, it is not so much the actual ingredients of these but the energy and effect on the body. 

If you would love to learn more of the brand philosophy and fascinating colour and tincture explanations, check out Aeos here

Keep checking back for product reviews.

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