Saturday, 6 February 2016

My Valentine To You

Hearts and flowers, fragrance and chocolates, yes it's that time, where you either run around florists trying to buy red roses at a decent price (the longer the stem the more costly the rose), guess your partners size and hope the underwear fits, or like Mr Rougepout and I, you ignore Valentine's Day and appreciate the gifts, notes and nice happenings in your relationship throughout the year. 

Valentine's for me is the memory of standing on the cosmetic shop floor as partners, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends arrived in the hope that my mind reading skills were up to scratch and I just knew the fragrance that their other half used that was in a 'pink bottle', I kid you not, this happened all the time. I have heard 'it smells of roses', 'it may not be Yves Saint Laurent, but you've got a kind face, so can you help?' and I did, walking around the various counters and the fragrance department. 

So I've picked a few products for you romantic gift buyers out there, no sets, sets are fine but generally they get wasted and there is always a product a person doesn't like or already has two in the back of a cupboard.

I'm featuring brands you may not have heard of, products that are just something different for the day of love or just a gift for no reason than you saw it and bought it for the person in your life. 

Keep a watchful eye out for heart laden posts with a few pretty ideas for you love birds out there. 


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