Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentine Gifts part 1

Luxury Candles - we are not talking about emergency candles gathering dust in the back of the kitchen cupboard for the times the electricity goes off and by the time you've found them and the matches (always in the messy kitchen drawer next to curtain rings, the gas key and screws), it's back on and the panic is over, no I am talking beautifully packaged, divine smelling, bath-time transforming pots of wax that can even come with their own matches.

For me candles are such a luxury, to have decent burning, smelling and quality they can be costly but make for the perfect gift. 
As for the fragrance to choose, if you can note the fragrance, scent, aftershave etc worn by your loved one, it can help when identifying the perfect candle, and if you ask the advice of a consultant they will hopefully be able to guide you in the right area. Even spritz a little of the scent onto a card and take it with you, don't rely on your smell only, it may not pick out the notes that make it a favourite for a loved one. If you can 'borrow' the bottle of fragrance even better! 

Expensive candles even have the options of accessories, The White Company & Jo Malone offer lids that double as candle stands, Malone candles also come in varying sizes from tiny cute travel size to massive, you'll need two people to carry it size. Also the gift wrapping is pure luxury from Jo Malone and the normal sized candle upwards comes with matches, perfect. 
Jo Malone offer free engraving of the candle currently and are linking their Roses fragrance and body range to Valentine's Day. 

Diptyque are a cult classic, they are loved by so many and beauty folk always save the empty jars to re-use. The choice is mind blowing with limited editions in glorious coloured opaque jars, who cares what they smell like when they are so beautiful. 
This brand also has a huge Valentine promotion especially visually, don't ever be worried if candles are never lit, some are just so beautiful they are kept for display purposes only. 

PaddyWax is a firm favourite of mine, not as refined but the scent from these candles permeates the whole house. I adore the apothecary styled brown bottles of candle goodness and the dishes are great, when finished you have more crockery, always a plus for me. 

This Works has the most gorgeous sleep inducing candle, the scent is light but noticeable, I love the white opaque jar and this is one of the longest burning candles I have used. 

The White Company has always done the most beautiful range of home scented ideas, the candle presentation varies from clear glass to my favourite ceramic candle with lid, it's beautiful and again the burning time is very good. 

Candles are so classic and stylish, they really make the most beautiful gift and accompanied with a heart felt message (burning with desire, you're the right match for me, this candle was flaming expensive), it's a Valentine option. 


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