Wednesday, 10 February 2016

VALENTINE GIFTS PART 3 - not to be sniffed at!

Fragrance, firstly unless you are completely sure don't go there, seriously, unless it has been written down, underlined, stamped and sealed by the highest authority just don't buy the perfume. Buy a Selfridges, Liberty or Boots gift card, it sounds boring but it's a safer option than the words 'have you still got the receipt?' once the champagne has been quaffed. 

If you have an inkling (let it be a good one) here are some of my fragrance favourites that may be a Valentine option.

I am guilty of loving rather strong fragrances but I have a mixture for you that covers floral to spicy - 

She Who Dares offers a floral twist, the Eminence Eau De Parfum offers rose and peony as the middle notes but has top notes of bergamot and pink peppercorn, this gives the fragrances depth and warmth, a great option to take floral into evening. 
The fragrance adds floral to the skin initially but the underlying warmth comes through, leaving such a glorious floral yet peppery aroma that lingers for hours. 

If you are feeling extra loving buy the matching body lotion, one way to make a fragrance last longer is to layer products, apply the lotion and then spray the fragrance, gives a long lasting hold to the scent and also you use less. The 200ml body lotion in the Eminence fragrance will certainly make an ideal gift. 

Aura-Soma offer 8 glorious fragrances, the website lists the notes within the fragrance so it's a great option if you're in the know about a loved one's favourite 'smells'.

My favourites are fragrance 30, 39 which are strong, sweet and woody, they include notes of vanilla, cedar wood, vetiver, bergamot and black pepper. These just work on my skins pH levels and the fragrances lift, rise and permeate the air, glorious options.

58 and 11 have a citrus hit, fresh, vibrant and mood brightening. Great summer fragrances that lift the spirits.

56, 44 and 80 have a range of floral notes with hits of warmth from cedar wood, cinnamon and vanilla for sweetness. Great for someone who likes depth to their floral fragrances, but still want a flower garden aroma. 

Fragrance 75 is Patchouli through and through, the edge is rounded from the added vanilla and citrus hint of orange. Perfect for dark winter nights, either by the log burner at home or having a romantic meal in a candle lit restaurant. 

A great fragrance range, gloriously presented in stunningly colourful bottles. 

A personal love of mine is Jo Malone and Wood Sage and Sea Salt, available in two sizes. This is available in shower gel, body cream and in a candle too. The fragrance is fresh, the salt gives it a bite almost and the sage deepens the smell giving warmth. 

Regular fragrances for me are from Chanel,  Chance Eau Tendre and CoCo Mademoiselle, which are both sweet but with a warm lingering kick on my skin.  Tendre has grapefruit quince which adds a citrus warmth and white jasmine smooths it out to a luscious soft application. Mademoiselle is spicy, but with a fresh note to it, orange, jasmine and rose sit beautifully and vetiver gives it such a stunning finish. There are an abundance of shower gels, creams, body lotions and mists in the range, so you can create a marvellous apothocary of fragrance layering. 

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