Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Alpha H Liquid Gold

Here's the first installment of my beauty A to Z and it's Alpha H Liquid Gold, probably a brand you will have seen or heard about from someone who finds the word acid on a bottle of skincare as a dream come true. 

I use Alpha H twice a week (although this varies), it's part of my evening routine and I sweep the cotton wool soaked in the product over my face and that's it. You can add normal skincare over this, if you wish to dilute the product but for me it's just left. This is a 'sleep in' liquid peel but without the horror of waking to half your face on your pillow the next day. 

I started using this around three years ago when I felt my skin needed more than a cleansing balm and a charcoal mask, I still use these products but this was the Godfather product I added to my routine. 
This rich in resurfacing glycolic acid, gives me a beautiful surface to my skin, visibly smoother and brighter. A great choice if skin is grey, dull, blemished, scarred or pigmented.  
A powerful product, that stings slightly on application, nothing that lasts long or has any long term effects. 
When using anything of this nature it is advised to always use an SPF during the day, I throw on SPF 50, but I'm crazy like that. 

A staple of my routine, really great in the Winter months when my skin is super sluggish, I've only been using Liquid Gold since my forties and haven't had a problem but it is always advisable to do a patch test. I can react to glycolic but thankfully this isn't a product that I have a problem with. 
This helps my skin to revitalise and regain its vibrancy. 

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