Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Cleansing - The ELOQUENCE Way

Number 1 was rather an appropriate digit to apply to a cleanser, Eloquence sequences their skincare and for me, cleansers are often number 1 on my list of skincare. 
What did Eloquence Purifying Facial Cleanser have to offer?

Undoubtedly the packaging is one of the happiest I have ever seen, it uplifts you before you've even applied the product. I loved the vivid yellow/lime green toned outer packaging and pump dispensers. 

The purifying cleanser has a silk textured look, it glistens in the palm of the hand. 
This can be applied to a dry face but ideally, add a little water to create a facial wash, not a foam, this is in no way a foam, it has substance, you feel and smell this luscious product.

It removes makeup with ease, even mascara, and washes away all the day's debris. I missed not using a cloth though and soon this found its place as my morning cleanser, refreshing, uplifting in its aroma and not in the least drying on the face, cucumber and coconut make this a treat for the skin.  There was no tightness or pull to the skin. This gives you a rich cream that comforts the face on an application and keeps it balanced throughout. 

It's impossible not to mention the ingredients with this brand, with a Peruvian oil within the products this goes a long way in the care and nurturing of your skin. Part of the Argan Oil family this Sacha Inchi oil has proven to offer high protein levels and a rich source of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, iodine and vitamins A and E, it is no surprise this oil is fast becoming a favourite for skin care. 

As a stickler for balm and oil cleansers, this sample of cleanser changed my opinion of a wash off product, the quality and ingredients help, of course, without the dreaded artificial colours, fragrance or chemicals this doesn't leave skin feeling stripped or dry. 
A beautiful texture for the face, perfect for morning or evening skincare routines, gentle for all skin types and a great option if you want quick results without stripping the skin. 

Eloquent indeed. 

This post contains links to the brand website and products, these are not affiliate links.
This is not a paid or sponsored post, the items featured were sent as samples for trial and it is my sole decision to review them, all opinions are my own and not prescribed, puns and sarcastic comments are also all my own work. 


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