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DHC Beauty Lift Essence

You may have read of this new take on skincare in the form of products featuring the word essence, don't let it put you off, think Serum and use it in the same way. DHC have developed Beauty Lift range for those older ladies amongst us, although for me this was such a delicate textured product I wouldn't shy away from the range whatever age you are, depending on your needs it's always worth looking at. 
The Essence in the beauty lift range is a beautiful serum, perfect for am or pm application, delicate, smoothing and lightweight. 
I use it before the Beauty Lift Milk, and this is one occasion where products from the same brand really do work in unison. The serum gives a lovely smooth look and texture to the skin but with the milk (moisturiser) added, this pairing pack a punch. My skin really responds to the combination, looking not only better in texture and feeling better but brighter & plumper. 

This potent ingredient packed DHC Beauty Lift Essence promotes lifted and firmer skin with hydration and elasticity aided by peptides and oat kernel extract. Skin barrier strength is supported with ceramide-3, everything you need in a gentle, light weight product. Perfect if want results without the thick creams and oils that often enable these results. 

Although for me the Essence and Milk worked together perfectly on my skin, you can mix products. I found the Essence once applied and followed with a cream rather than a milk gave a nice smoothness to my skin. Certainly an option if you prefer a moisturiser with more weight behind the consistency. 

The DHC Beauty Lift Essence gave me such a smooth skin, a texture of product I feel will really come into it's own through the warmer months when I want results and great skin without the heavy oils and creams that my skin still requires during the colder weather at the moment. 

DHC certainly offer the essence of great skin.

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