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DHC Cleansing Oil

As my cleanser obsession continues there are many on my list that I feel I should have used and still haven't, this, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil was one. It is very rare for me to ask for anything but I felt I would be letting my face and readers down if I didn't try this 200ml bottle of cleansing oil. I was kindly sent this and here's the cleansing story. 

Packaged simply in a lime green box with advice and ingredients on the sides. The bottle within is plastic with a pump dispenser and a cleansing oil that looks the texture of olive oil, as I later discovered it included the very oil of the olive.
That texture had my interest instantly, mascara be afraid, be very afraid. 
This DHC anti-oxidant rich, all removing cleanser claims to deal with all matter of makeup including dissolving waterproof mascara. All this and taking care of the skin at the same time, certainly the nourishing aspect of this skincare sounded very pleasing. 

I applied this water soluble product using dry hands to my dry and fully made up face, (I don't use waterproof mascara so I can't comment on the removal promises), I do wear lashings of the non-variety, so let's cleanse and see. 
Once added the rich oil immediately takes the makeup and collects it, rather messily all over the face, but it certainly dissolves everything in sight, I found it works well if left for several minutes. 
When applied it is recommended to add water, this activates the cleanser and helps to clean away the debris, this as a first evening cleanse certainly had a full face of makeup to wash away. I still preferred to remove the residue using a cloth/flannel, but it does wash away well if that's your preference. 

There are two things I need a cleanser to do for me, remove my makeup and when removed not to leave my skin feeling tight and dry, stripped. This removed my makeup and worked superbly as a first cleanse and as a second. My skin felt smooth, clean and not in the least bit taught or dry. 
The olive, fruit and rosemary oils go to making the oils richness its strength, one pump of product works over the entirety of my face and dissolves the makeup.  It hasn't a strong scent, which for many I know is a preference. The consistency is rich and thinker than many oils I have used, it isn't as runny and you have more control over it, no running down the arms as you're aiming for your face, yes, we've all been there. 
Overall a great cleansing oil option, economical, really cleans the face well and removes all makeup, lifts away mascara from the deepest roots. Skin feels clean, I'm pleased I got an opportunity to try it and I know that after featuring it through my social media so many of you already use this oil or have been tempted, now I know why. 

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