Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Eloquence Eye Gel - did we gel?

This firming and moisturising eye gel from Eloquence skincare had rather a lot to achieve, basically, it needed to perform cartwheels to impress me. Regular readers will know how cynical I am about eye products, so this needed to squeeze out of the tube and do it's thing WELL.

By now I'm liking the numerical bossiness of this range, do this in this order, now!
However what is stage 3 in this regime is actually stage 2 in my normal routine. I do however like routine and this needed to be at least tried. 
The firming and moisturising eye gel is cooling, a tiny amount works for both eyes, it doesn't sting, dry my skin with hyaluronic acid this helps keep the area hydrated and plump. It doesn't create a weird dry area that looks like it needs peeling and it actually feels rather nice - so far so good. 
I applied the gel to my ring finger and patted the product onto the eye areas from there, however, the tube has a helpful bevelled edge to make application easy if you prefer not to use your fingers. 
I can see it would be easy to apply far too much of the product which could be a problem, especially adding further products but with the right amount, this blends away, soothing the eye area and works well both am and pm. 
I was surprised how much I reached for this tube, one I feel will be ideal in the summer months and also perfect for anyone with allergies, this really soothes. 
I haven't noticed a great change in my eye area, but a plus for me has been that I haven't noticed anything negative, which for me with an eye product is a miracle. At times, I prefer a lighter option of product and this gel has been perfect for that, certainly one I will continue to use. 

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