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Just to clarify my skincare - Bodhi & Birch Clarifying Cleanser

Bodhi & Birch have created what in my mind is the most perfectly packaged skincare, gorgeous heavy glass bottles. They grace any bathroom and scream luxury. 
Clarifying always sounds serious but it really isn't when you're in the hands of a brand that nurtures skin. 

Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser, is pure luxury for me and although it can be used as a main cleanse, this for me is my third cleanse!, I know, but sometimes it's worth that extra step. 

After my normal double cleanse I apply this to either my dry face or while damp, this gives a slight foaming result which equally cleans the skin, either wash away or use a cloth to remove. Bodhi and Birch always use such beautiful skin loving ingredients and this is no different, everything is there to care for the skin. Essential oils aid in the balance, tone and soothing of the skin, one of my favourites Tunisian neroli with natural healing properties is a welcome addition and perfect for anyone with dry/sensitive skin. This is one product that although containing rose hip oil, does not affect my skin - no reaction at all to this blend of product. 

Clarifying Cleansers are the buffer after the hard work is done for my face, I have removed the impurities by double cleansing and now this just fine tunes my skin, leaving it super clean, smooth and brighter. 
This isn't a drying product, with shea butter and rosehip to keep skin hydrated, you just have beautifully clean skin. 
Of course you can always use it as part of a normal routine and add water so the foaming aspect cleans away the days makeup, but for me it works it's best twice a week as part of my evening skincare routine.
Giving a great base for beautiful skincare products, the Bodhi and Birch Neroli facial oil is a perfect option to follow with. 

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