Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Cream of Eloquence

Eloquence at it's best. 
Protect and Repair 24-hour Cream, is everything I love about an intensive product.

Firstly, it's rich, so luxurious, smells refreshing, smoothes onto the face and leaves that welcome 'slick' behind. I adore this product and it's been my favourite from the range. 

I reluctantly couldn't stop using this beauty, reluctant because I knew it would be gone quicker than I would have liked, this was one superb product. 
I loved the richness of this collagen boosting and protecting cream, the rich quality worked so well with my combination/oily skin, it actually improved it, giving it a smoothness and softer texture. The hyaluronic acid certainly made its presence felt, ensuring hydration was at a premium. The ever present sacha inchi oil throughout this range adds to the skin care quality and results from this brand. 

This gave me a skincare option that I feel I have missed for quite a time, that smooth, plump, hydrated feel happens with most creams and moisturisers. This adds something else, the glow from the pearlescent product, it hydrates, is absorbed but leaves that healthy hue behind on the face that makes this 24hr Protect and Repair Cream is one of the highlights of my year so far. 
A sublime skin care product. 

This post contains links to the brand website and products, these are not affiliate links.
This is not a paid or sponsored post, the items featured were sent as samples for trial and it is my sole decision to review them, all opinions are my own and not prescribed, puns and sarcastic comments are also all my own work. 


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