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Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer - so good I bought it twice!

This is the time to reveal that over many years I have learnt that if something is really good, 'buy two'. It sounds crazy but how often have you found the perfect blusher, top, jeans and then when you need them again and I mean 'NEED' they are no more? 
So, Bourjois produced something that required a second purchase. 

As with many beauty items I always convince myself that the said item is the best ever and I'll never use anything else. Weeks go by and then something new catches my eye and I am off again, loving a new package of promises. 
Concealer is an interesting product, it has a difficult job to do if like me your dark circles are the colour of the night sky. But we ask so much of this tiny vessel of pigmented liquid. Inevitably no product can do it all and on to the next I go. 
Bourjois have launched recently the Radiance Reveal Concealer, it aims to correct and illuminate, and also hydrate the applied area for 24hrs. 
This arrived in three shades, best of luck getting hold of them, I think their popularity has spread they sell out fast, but luckily I managed to get shade 01 and 02, shade 03 is dark beige and very warm toned. 

Containing hyaluronic acid and enriched with Mont Blanc glacier water (sounds like a drink for 007), this is designed to not only disguise dark circles but to reduce puffiness and smooth away wrinkles and fine lines. 
The beautiful brightening finish gives this a dual purpose as it can be used as a highlighter. 

I love this concealer, it is rich, superbly creamy, it lightens and lifts any area immediately, it's an Instagram filter in a bottle. Having purchased the middle shade beige 02 

which is perfect for all areas of my face and the outer section of my eye, I really felt I needed a shade lighter for the inner corner and areas I wished to highlight, so I went for ivory 01

which is perfect in every way, it just brightens everything and makes me look awake even when I'm not. 

I feel these are going to fast become my favourite concealers, they do the job of hiding the darkness, they are creamy but don't collect under or around the face, the luminosity is stunning from both and they don't dry or fade during the day.  Both are superb but especially 01, which for me is brightness perfection. 

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