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DHC - Base Notes

Did you know DHC had a base makeup?  No, well you do now. 

Q10 Base Makeup was a delight from the first application, of course, it depends on the coverage you like or require, I vary coverage but I do like a good old fashioned full coverage foundation and this gives it. Before you prejudge and think this will cake on the face let me tell you this moisturising and skin caregiving base sits perfectly over the face. The full coverage evens everything out but without the masked look of old. Not only are you glamorous to a fault but the collagen, elastin and oat kernel extracts aid in the care of the skin. Q10 is emblazoned across the product and this antioxidant fights free radicals at no extra cost and encourages firmness of the skin. 

I really loved the texture of this foundation, super flattering, gave a beautiful glow to my skin and the shade 02 left me with a perfect match. A great option for an evening out or event as it gives a long lasting result. Although aimed at mature skin, all that skin care and coverage it's a perfect option. I wouldn't age define this product, for a glow to the skin with stunningly even and full coverage, this is glamour without the caked makeup look. 

This is my last installment about the DHC colour products I have been using, all three have added to my makeup collection in such a positive way and it shows how easily we see a brand for one thing and could easily miss out on great products. I could have easily bypassed that Precision Eyeliner, it has become my most reached for liner since I got it. Poor Clinique gel liner is gathering dust. 

A wonderful brand who's products need more love, buy the eyeliner I say, buy lot's but leave some for me!

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