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DHC - 'THE' Eyeliner that makes it's point!

DHC is certainly known for its wide-ranging skin care, cleansing oils, creams, serums and the list continues. But they do have a smallish range of makeup which I'd like to share with you, three things that I feel need more attention. 

I'm going in first with the big one, yes, it's eyeliner! Those regular readers amongst you will know that I am a 'pain' when it comes to the liner, you know it and so do I. I love Clinique gel liner but I am always trying to find an alternative, just in case. Nothing has come near, there have been so many near misses that I have lost count. Gel, cream, liquid, pencil, pen - they have been bought, worn and binned. 

Finally, I have struck eyeliner gold, it's not even a gel, it doesn't even require my favoured liner brush from Louise Young. 
This is a liquid eyeliner pen!

This pen has a precision point that never fails to make eyeliner application easy, the fluid flows without any dragging or dried bits caught on the lid. I can start at the inner corner of my eye and draw straight across my lid without stopping, it is that good. 
The brand suggests either shaking or pressing the eyeliner nib on the back of the hand to encourage the flow but so far I have found shaking works a treat. This has been the first pen that has a constant flow of product. The line can be built up and it's so easy to create the eye flick of your choice. The black is a true dark pigment, no half-hearted hints, pure darkness descends upon the lids. 

A truly stunning pen, I am addicted. 

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