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DHC - Mascara Magic

After my wonderous experience of the DHC eyeliner, could this Double Protection Mascara have a lash loving effect? 

This silver packaged mascara with its delicate brush certainly had me fooled. My first observation was it's likeness to bottom lash mascaras, tiny wands, very lightweight and giving a hint of colour and hold. 
How wrong I was!

Delicate, yes. But this lash beauty was astounding in its application. From the first application to the base of my and through my lashes they were coated in Polymer tubes which encased my lashes and ensured no smudging throughout the day. 
This tiny looking wand made application easy, I found I could work into the inner corners without drawing mascara all over my face. The wand held the lashes in a glorious curl and separated them perfectly. Another coat and they were full on, just how I like my lashes. 

My lashes were held in place all day, in a perfect curl and fullness that I fluttered them at will. 

Removal has been something I have found hard to comprehend and inevitably use the cleanser to hand to do the job, but this does cause little flecks of mascara everywhere. 
This mascara technically only needs warm water added to the lashes and using your fingertips, you smooth the mascara off and away. It does work and actually feels rather a lovely process, however being a little heavy handed leaves me worried for my lashes and the horror that I have smoothed a few away. I'll keep practising but I'm still happier with mascara flecks all over my face.
I am now smoothing my lashes without removing them and the mascara literally melts when warm water is introduced. 

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