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Verso - Reviving Eye Mask

Sleep deprived, it isn't something I can claim, I sleep pretty well but as I keep wittering on, it's been a heck of a few weeks and I am tired in the mental and physical sense. 
My eyes are always the first sign that something is wrong if I am ill or tired. 
So it was Verso to the rescue with their Reviving Eye Masks.

Although this could be classed as a quick fix, the hydrogel patches ensure maximum absorption of the Verso Retinol 8 complex. As I found with the Intensive Facial mask review here, this is a potent blend of ingredients and I couldn't wait to apply and relax. 

The main annoyance is my tendency to use masks etc during the evening and add to that my less than photo-friendly bathroom lighting, it is difficult at times to show the true results. The before pic shows a tired face and my left eye (your right) looks puffy.

Easy to apply, these Verso patches are instantly cooling and actually have a tightening sensation as they adhere to the skin. 
Once applied I relaxed back with a book and the time flew by, 20 minutes is suggested with these patches. 

As you will see in the pic above the left eye is certainly not as puffy, I also noticed an obvious skin texture change, it wasn't as raised in areas, smoother and certainly the dehydrated areas just beneath my orbital bone were devoid of the criss-cross markings often caused by dehydration. 

This is my second trial of Verso Skincare masks and on both occasions, I have seen positive results to the general texture and brightness to my skin. The masks are easy to apply and stay in place once they are on the skin. 
A short term solution but a relaxing one and a skin improving one. 

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