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Becca - lit from within with the Backlit Primer Filter

Becca is having quite a 'beauty love' at the moment, collaborations, new launches, far easily available in the UK - it's hard not to see the brand. 
My makeup main aims have been for glowing, brighter, soft focused skin and Becca Backlight Priming Filter may just be what I'm looking for. 

Over several months of trying hard to use up the piles of makeup that I have acquired, I have realised that highlighter powders do so little for me now, they actually make me look rather 'odd', I have this bizarre sheen that glistens in the light and rather than looking all dewy, it looks stark, very obvious and often gives my face the appearance of being bruised. So it was time to look for the glow elsewhere and liquid options appear to be the answer.
Becca Backlight Primer has three types of filtering luminescent pearls, these combined create the perfect canvas for makeup but also give that beautiful glow and filter to the face. Soft focusing features and giving the highlight that I want without the harsh shimmer. 

This beautiful pearl, champagne, tone has substance to it, slightly thicker than a moisturiser. I did feel it may roll with certain products, it has that serum texture about it but so far it has been a wonderful product for giving the glow to my face. It's the best of both worlds, the primer gives a smooth canvas for the further application of makeup and the backlight truly gives a stunning glow to the face. A great product to use over the skin too, forget the primer bit, apply and see those cheekbones glisten. 
This is certainly a product that needs to go with me on holiday, perfect for that natural look but at the same time working it's magic to give my face a soft focus dewy look with the help of vitamin E and liquorice to brighten, firm and fight a few free radicals. 

Certainly, a positive choice if like me you want to move on from powder highlighters. 

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