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DHC - Caught In The Net Of Washing Your Face

DHC provided me with the most interesting method so far to apply product and wash your face. It involves the DHC face wash, although you can use a cleanser of your choice and DHC Bubble Foaming Mesh. 

Firstly it starts with the face wash, which does create a lather, I am very dubious of anything foaming to wash my face. But, sometimes we are in a hurry and this is quick.

Then we have the bubble mesh, which my husband thought was something to add to his fishing kit. It resembles those mesh shower flannel type things. 

Quite simply, you wet everything in sight, face and bubble mesh, add in the cleanser to the mesh and rub to create a lather. Holding the ring that is attached to the mesh with one hand and squeeze out the lather between the fingers of the hand. Then wash your face. 
I must admit it felt at times as though I was reading a flat pack furniture instruction leaflet. 

So here goes - 

It certainly does what it says, foams and with little facial cleanser needed, one thing I did note was the inclusion high on the ingredients listings of lauramine oxide which is generally found in popular foaming products such as shower gels, shampoos and hand washes.  I wasn't sure this was something that would work for my face. Packed with product preservatives this had me worried. 

I had already cleansed my face twice, having played around with this product, it doesn't take off my makeup as I would like and certainly not eye makeup. Ideal for an early morning quick wash, if you don't like fuss and love bubbles. 
After many mornings and evenings using this, I can say it works, you get a lather and enough foam to wash not only your face but your body. Balm and oil cleansers obviously don't work with the mesh. 
The mesh easily washes clean but I am unsure how clean it is deep down, surely bacteria will grow no matter how hot the water is that I rinse it in, although the actual fabric may inhibit growth to a point, something I need to look into further and come back to you on. I have been reluctant to attempt to throw it into the washing machine. 

It works, but I found it very drying for my skin, it was left rather tight and uncomfortable. Not something I feel works in that respect for me but it's ideal for foam loving face washers. 

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