Sunday, 26 June 2016

Swaroski Makeup Brushes

You can never have too many makeup brushes and who wouldn't be tempted with brushes that glisten and shimmer with Swarovski crystals in the shaft of the brush?

Total Partners Cosmetics offer a great selection and gave me the opportunity to try some from the range. 

The Eyeshadow brush with its natural bristles is so soft, perfect for collecting colour and holding it before placing it on the lid of the eye. Gentle enough to swish back and forth but the perfect shape for pressing colour onto the lid.
I found I used all the brushes for various makeup tasks, this also gave a precision line under the eye and blended strong liner on the top lid to a softer finish. 

My favourite of the three is this precision headed brush, so flexible and great for a many makeup application jobs. I adore the soft bristle that picks up loose pigment as easily as pan packed eyeshadow, it works smoothly under the waterline and is a good option for defining the crease softly. 
Washes superbly well and returns to original shape. 

It's the softness of this selection that can't be ignored, beautifully finished and the gentle bristles hold colour and deposit it all onto the face, no half measures. This large powder brush is ideal for loose, pressed powders, blushers and highlighters. Perfect to add colour over a large area, works well if you prefer to stipple and press using the head of the brush rather than the side. 

These are brushes that you want to display and actually I really didn't want to use them, they are so pretty and ideal for those that know Swarovski is a girl's best friend. 

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