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DHC - proving it's not only pirates who wear eye patches - arrgh

I have a bit of a thing going with DHC, have you noticed? 

They keep bringing products out that call to me, not literally but you know, I see, I like, I hope to try and these Eye Zone Treatment Masks certainly got my interest. 

I've become quite a fan of eye area treatment masks, it saves always hoping the full face mask will head upwards to the eyes as well as the whole face and I find them so quick and easy. 
That skin loving Hyaluronic acid helps retain and protect the moisture barrier, with collagen supporting peptides and olive fruit oil for hydration, these patches are eye watering for all the right reasons. 

Everything about the application is made easy, the left and right masks are paired together, they can be applied after cleansing the skin, I also use an exfoliating lotion or pads and then use a mask or masks. 
With anything around the eyes I always follow the times suggested rather than being flexible, so 10 mins and you're done. 

These are so easy to apply, they fit snuggly and hold in place. Being so lightweight had me forget they were there and I couldn't understand why my glasses felt odd!

A quick, targeted mask of hydration, which is kept in perfect condition within the little plastic wallet, ideal for travel, perfect for a flight when you want to give your skin some care and also keep people away from you, these are ideal. 

Remove the masks and there is an obvious brightness to the eye area, the excess product left behind can be patted in and around the eye. I even steal a little and pop around my lips. 
Launched this month, grab a pack.

Eye love them !

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