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When It's So Pretty

There have been previous posts about my failing to say no to products that I truly have no need for and yet, yet, they are so pretty that my creative brain presses the button to purchase and that's that!
Well, it's happened again, oh yes, I'm rather proud it's only two items, I know, almost restrained for me. 

Firstly one from the Estee Edit selection, which on further perusal has some rather lovely items which I had to admire from afar and bring myself under control and focus on The Barest Blush in shade Purr Pink 03. Contained in a silver compact, sadly plastic but pretty enough. This pan of pink-ness is ridged, I'm hoping this will really collect the colour on my brushes, 'nana pink cheeks here I come'.

Two shades can be combined or used individually, the larger area of colour is a stunning warm pink, a healthy pink and then there is a cloud of soft pink highlighter which can be used on the high points of the face or blended with the warm pink to lift the colour and give a different finish. 

Next, can we not talk about the eye palette thing, you know I have plenty and I know I have plenty but all the same, I bought another one!
After being a little disappointed with a recent purchase of yet another palette this was glorious to open and I haven't another palette with this choice of colours. 
It's a beauty, Anastasia Beverley Hills has produced this stunning Modern Renaissance palette and as with many of her products, it's a devil to find in stock. 
A delicate velvet coat keeps the palette colours protected, this will be filthy in days but it's perfect at the moment. 

Lift the lid and the reveal is worth it, these are amazing colours, matte, satin, iridescent in the finish and dual ended brush that actually looks quite useful. 
Every photo I have seen hasn't done the colours a favour, they often look rather pink which was a worry for me but the strength and warmth of the shades make them perfect for the eyes, very Autumnal in my opinion but there is plenty of choices to create a summery look from each and everyone. 
Tempera and Golden Ochre give perfect options for a matte base to the lids, Venetian Red and Love Letter scream 'try me' from the palette. There are so many safe colours, Antique Bronze, Cyprus Umber, Buon Fresco and Warm Taupe. Realgar is the only shade that has me in thoughtful mode, orange toned, it reminds of terracotta floor tiles, this is the only one I feel will test me, I'm not an orange fan at the nest of times but I need to try it on Each time I open the lid I adore the cacophony of colour, no other palette has this choice that I own. 

We all need a little colour in our lives and let's hope for my makeup storage and bank account's sake, it will be some before I fall for more pretty shades!

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