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Clinique Take The Day Off - duo set

Preparing the face for the day whether you're a makeup wearer or not is to me as essential as removing the grime at the end of the day and cleansers for me are a part of my routine and have been for decades. Balms and oils are a must when removing makeup but at the start of the day I prefer something light, a gel, a milk even and Clinique, of course, have the Take The Day Off Range with both to tempt you. With Travel Retail Exclusives, available only in Duty-Free stores and airports you have this wonderful duo, that has taken care of the start of my day and the end!

After a hardcore retinol heavy evening routine, it's soothing to use such a gentle milk cleanser, to clean the night away and leave skin clean and ready for the products of the day. I apply to my dry face and use a cloth to remove, this easily washes off if that's your preferred method. I rarely use milk cleansers for my evening routine but I wanted to play and I was surprised the difference a cloth makes. I remember my early teens using cleansing milk and cotton wool which I never felt cleaned my face and the residue of the wool pad was always lurking over my face and stuck to my lashes. This Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk worked well as my second cleanse and my skin felt very soft after I had clothed the residue away, it has become a regular feature of my routine for both day and evening. 

Clinique Bi-Phase Makeup Remover for lids, lashes and lips is perfection and a must for mascara, liner and lipstick wearers, that's me!
I am guilty of relying on my evening cleansing routine to remove my eye makeup but having recently worn contact lenses far more often than usual it has become essential to ensure my eyes are properly cleaned of makeup and a separate remover is needed. Bi-phase products are superb for soaking off layers and layers of mascara and lifting it clean away, safely. Great to take the day's lipstick off, it lifts the colour without stripping the lips and leaving them dry and colour stained. I find this Clinique version so safe to use and I don't get that film across my eyes when using it, some other brands float over my eyes leaving my vision impaired. 
This a great duo to grab for holidays and definitely a great gift idea for those skincare obsessives out there, not that I'm hinting or anything!!!

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