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Estee Lauder Modern Muse - fragrant gifts, not to be sniffed at.

Estee Lauder, the brand, the colossus that it is today began from the fragrance, Youth Dew, so it's rather apt that I have a lovely fragrance set from their Travel Exclusives range. This is only available through duty-free shops and not from department stores, although, there will be other options and the fragrances can always be bought individually. 
Modern Muse in five delightful 'borrower friendly' bottles, offers versions of the original scent, so, the choice is yours. 

To steal a line from a rather popular musical, 'let's start at the very beginning', Modern Muse Eau De Parfum, this, I love, it's powerful but not overpowering, sexy, sweet, warm, woody with a citrus kick and a cloud of floral, stunning and lasts all day. 

Chic, juicy in a floral way, it's a walk in the garden, condensed into a bottle. Floaty but intense, fresh with a jasmine warmth and a streak of honey, plum tuberose and patchouli to carry this. Sweet on my skin, softens out to a woody warmth and then a petal finish. 

Le Rouge, rich and fruity, such a depth to this fragrance. It settles with a raspberry warmth on my skin and warms into a delightfully heavy aroma. There are floral notes, but, nothing intrusive at all, very subtle. This was one of the longest lasting fragrances I wore, it lifted my mood. It is such a happy fragrance. 

We go from Rouge to Eau De Rouge and this starts with the fruity notes but develops into a gloriously rich woody and pink peppered concoction, another favourite and with added vetiver, what's not to love, it's a gorgeous fragrance. 

Le Rouge Gloss is a shining star in the rouge trio, certainly heavier on my skin. It has a deep voice of spicy notes that I pick out first, a throaty fragrance with patchouli, pink pepper and black cherry, it lifts to a fruity accent but the warmth and wildness stay. This is a log fire of fragrances, you're aware of it before entering the room, once in, you gravitate towards it and never want to move again. This fragrance I want to use, over and over, it is rich, wintery and a perfect bottled scent. 

It is rare for me to love a whole set of anything, but, Modern Muse and the muse-lets have given me a new love in the Estee Lauder selection, the sweetness and rich warm, woody, spicy scents just linger on my skin and make me feel like a proper grown-up, well, almost!
Divine bottles, perfect to display when they are empty, practically perfect in every way. 

Modern Muse, a fragrant and sublime journey. 

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