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MV ORGANIC - Rose Soothing Protective Moisturiser

MV Organic Skincare encapsulates everything that is caring for the skin. The range covers all needs and desires, from products that not only give skin the optimum ingredients but also beautifully packaged products that dress a bathroom. 

I have many quirks, too many to list, actually many are beyond explanation, but, one being my inability to  not judge a product that smells of roses harshly. However, this year, my 'quirk' has been tested and I am trying to embrace the results and stop smelling the roses.
The Rose Smoothing & Protective Moisturiser gave me such a smooth skin, perfect for makeup, no primer is needed with this as a base. It absorbs quickly without leaving any residue of product and skin is matte to look at and softened. Although there is no sheen from the actual product, my skin has a lovely look, and makeup lasts so long over this moisturiser. 

It has become a perfect option for both the start and the end of the day. For evening this has been reached for during my continuous rotation of skincare I am trialling, it has kept my skin balanced, everything feels calm and cared for with this applied. 
Using Rose Otto and Rose Geranium, with a blend of calendula, honeysuckle, jojoba and camellia seed oils, skin is giving every opportunity to glow. Perfect for sensitive skin, this Rose Moisturiser has helped me to grasp the petals rather than the thorns of rose scented skincare. 

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