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DHC Quick Film Smoother

DHC offers the solution to fine, deep set, only you can see them, lines and wrinkles with the launch of Quick Film Smoother.

Quick Film Smoother is the last step in your daytime skincare routine. This lightweight gel cream needs only to be applied in a pea-sized amount and I use it on localised areas, such as my scowl, frown, squint lines between my brows. It's hydrating properties mean it's a great option to use around the eye area and the product just needs tapping into the skin until it's absorbed. 

Encompassing hydrating and firming ingredients, this uses seaweed extract to aid skin firmness, hyaluronic to retain moisture and egg membrane peptides to hydrate.
Although this can be used last in your routine as a moisturiser, I prefer to use an additional moisturiser first and then follow with the smoother.

Quick Film Smoother certainly softened my frown lines, it feels so light when tapped into place but, gives the effect of a primer, smoothing over the area of concern. 
I particularly love the small amount needed, with the tapping motion you could certainly stretch this product further and use on a greater area. 
Join the squinter, scowl and frown club, just make sure you have Quick Film Smoother handy. 

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