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The ESSENCE of nail care

Essence Makeup is a brand that offers so much, choice, a wide range of products and colour, the best bit, the prices are superb and so is this new nail range, it is the essence of luxury. 

Essence Studio Nails has this triple care, repair and strengthen treatment. Formulated to protect nails from daily damage, using vitamin e and glycerin. This clear coat gives a lovely sheen to the nails and works well as a base coat. During the winter months my nails become rather brittle, so, I tend to file them shorter. Using this Triple Care formulation gave me better-conditioned nails, I had less peeling and snapping. Such a good option to apply varnish over, it is a super smooth base coat. 

A favourite of mine is the Essence Studio Nails Caring Ridge Filler. Although I don't suffer from ridged nails, they can look discoloured from years of using red and dark polishes. This not only works to even out nail ridges it also gives nails an even tone and counteracts imperfections. I love the look this gives my nails, it's lovely to use when resting nails from colour but when you want them to still look presentable. 

Quite simply, useful and effective. The 4 in 1 nail file does it all, you can shorten, shape, smooth and polish the nails with this lightweight file. Works without damaging the nails or the surface. 

This is definitely saving the best until last, the colour surprised me, I'm dark and gloomy, and, so is my polish. This Colour & Care Strengthening Nail Polish lifted my spirits and looked so clean and bright on my nails, I just loved it, one coat gave a nice finish but I preferred two coats, it looked perfect.  

With quite a hard set finish when dry, this lasted 3 - 4 days without a top coat, with a top coat it lasted over seven. 
I would certainly be interested in trying further colours in this range and maybe not just the red shades. 

A great range, Essence can be found online and instore at Wilkinsons. The value is outstanding, a range that is the Essence of quality. 

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