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Heaven - BeePeel

Heaven Skincare, take a moment to appreciate the sphere of skincare above, the packaging does not make great skincare but it certainly looks rather sexy in the bathroom. Bee Peel comes encased in this silver globe, with a matching spatula, who doesn't love a spatula?

From the presentation of this Bee Peel, everything points to high-end skincare, the large box, the big reveal as the lid is lifted to blind you with the sphere of silver. The spatula, with its own parking space, gives the right impression that you've a serious product on your hands or, preferably, on your face. 

Lets cut to the chase, this claims to be a 'facelift in a jar', it can also be used on the body. I love a multi-purpose product but, when something mentions elbows and feet, well, it has me a little concerned. Elbows and feet are known for being hard skin areas and I always feel no matter how well behaved your skin, it is still delicate compared to 'other' areas. But, let us have a delve.

This is hardcore skincare, do a patch test, whatever you feel your skin can take and mine can take a lot. This can be left up to 20 minutes and used for up to 3 consecutive days, I can only manage seconds, it is hot on my skin and stings rather quickly, I remove with a cloth that has been soaked in warm water. Even with only a few seconds on my face, once removed, my skin is gloriously smooth and gleams brightly. This cold cream textured product refines the skin, pores are less obvious, pigmentation is certainly lessened. 
High on the ingredients label is Glycolic acid, which my skin loves or loathes, depending on the mix, this I feel is where a lot of my discomfort stems and the reason I can only use it for a few seconds. Using raw sugar cane and honey to aid exfoliation, coconut oil to hydrate and cleanse the skin also included is the Heaven skincare magical Abeetoxin, all this combined makes this is an intensive peel treatment.
With time, I am hoping to be able to leave this product for a longer result giving time, knowing what it can do in such a short period of time, I desperately want it in action for longer. But, I am happy to listen to my skin and remove before it becomes a problem. 
For smooth, bright and refined skin, that looks healthier, then this ticks the boxes, but you've been warned, for me, there is a slight sting in the tail. 

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