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Neutral Skincare

The other side of skincare and products are those times, which for a lot of people is a constant battle of skin issues and finding products that work when skin is itchy, irritated, red, sore and just flaring up with any product applied. 
I've had bouts of eczema, but, luckily, never over a vast period of time. I am aware through my husband and friends that many have an ongoing problem with their skin and the ease of which it becomes irritated, they still need to use products, but what? 
Maybe NEUTRAL can help?

Neutral is a complete product range, covering skin, home and baby. Neutral originally launched in Denmark and worked closely with the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association for decades. The aim was to develop clean and mild products that would reduce risks of allergies, skin reactions and hypersensitivity. Neutral products are created without unnecessary ingredients, including chemicals, perfumes and colourants. 

This is ongoing in the trial stage, as my husband will be using the range, he reacts to the chlorine at our local swimming pool and often has sore, itchy and irritated skin, so, I will be back with 'his' findings in due course. But, after featuring the range on Instagram, a few of you asked about the range. 

I was kindly sent the Neutral Face Wash which is without perfume, colourants and parabens.

To work alongside the face wash is the Skin Tonic, complete without perfume, parabens, colourants and alcohol.

Finally, the Intensive Repair Cream for Extra Dry Skin, which we are both keen to see the consistency and results, this is without parabens, colourants and perfume. 

Keep a look out on my YouTube channel for our thoughts on the range in the next few months. 

As always, with any skin care, do a patch test, especially if you react often to products, even the ones created to help sensitive skin. 

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