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SUKIN - making me cheer with Chia Seed Oil

I'd like to be exact on the number of years that I have loved using Chia Seed Oil or serum, but, everything is only a couple of years to me and invariably it's actually decades. Just take me word for it, that this has been a long-term love and my skin practically fizzes in a good way when I use Chia Oil. I have one that I used for many years and then Sukin came along with their Chia Seed Oil, would it compare?

Sukin has a great array of products that work for the face and the body, using hard working potent ingredients to give great and visible results. The Sukin Chia Seed Oil is enriched with Omega 3 and 6, hemp seed, sunflower and olive food oil. A blend of green goodness from kale and parsley, make this one high-performance product, aiming to keep skin balanced and dewy. 

Well, this has been part of my routine since the day I turned the cap, dripped a few drops into the palm of my hand and pressed this rich oil into my face, I've never looked back. 
As I had hoped, my skin has clarity, it was dewy and using this as part of my daytime routine has given me beautiful skin and even better-seated makeup. 
I have nothing but love for this Chia Seed Oil, certainly, it is one that I can't be without at the moment. Sukin, you have done it again, a superb product, more goodness, the list of nasties not included is worth checking out. The price, the price! £17.49, the one I have used for many a year is now £65 and has added fragrance.

This Chia Seed Oil is a revelation. 
A must have, a MUST!

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