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Benefit - Galifornia Dreaming

Benefit, they have such a retro range of products, one of the things I feel they do well are their individual blushers/face powders, Dandelion was my first love, great as a setting powder and equally fabulous as a cheek colour. Next, I rocked Rockateur and recently repurchased my second box, and now, well, a box of shimmering pink and golden powder has been launched, Galifornia has me dreaming. 

Galifornia is a box of the brightest sunshine, it is happiness encapsulated in a blusher. Forget UV lights, buy this and Winter mornings will never leave you feeling low again, this is your makeup wake up call. 
This will be superb for what will hopefully be a warm and wonderful summer in the UK, but, it also lifts my greyish tinged face this cold March morning. As the rain falls, at least my cheeks glow healthy.
I love the chunky brushes that still come with the boxed powders, they usually end up in my handbag and are used for a multitude of products. 

As yet I am being delicate with this blush, it's just so pretty, but my one doubting moment, is, the splayed golden powder, generally these are just the topping and soon they are a mere memory and all you have is a pretty coloured blusher, that's fine, but it would be nice to have this combination embedded all the way through the product. 
This is a super-silky powder, a little colour on the brush goes a long way. For more controlled application I tend to reach for a smaller headed brush, the Nars kabuki brush is perfect and ensures I don't go all Nanna pink on my cheeks. It is clearly marked as a pinky tone, but, as you will see from the photographs (not edited), it has quite a coral hue, although on the back of my hand it is clearly pink, on my face I see a mix, as with any makeup, tone alters in varying lights and on our wonderful library of skin tones. 
I love this, it is glamorous, uplifting and screams Galifornia sunshine. 

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