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Beauty Blvd Hydra Gel Neck Mask - Sticking My Neck Out

Ladies of a certain age wear scarves or high necked sweaters, my mother would tell me. Of course, I was never going to be a lady of any certain age. It happened and I don't feel the need to hide my ever decrepit neck but, I do like to try products that may assist in the general look. Beauty Blvd came to my rescue with their Gold Radiance Neck Mask.

My neck has gradually moved, of its own accord, drooped you may say, there are lines, creases and as I apply products down my neck to my chest I notice more as the calendar heads to another birthday. Creams and lotions aplenty have been applied over the years, so, maybe it could be a lot worse than it is. Beauty Blvd has this mask that works to restore suppleness, the saturated mask pushes moisture into the skin, preventing dryness which looks ageing. Regular applications keep moisture levels balanced, preventing moisture loss thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This collagen boosting, antioxidant packed mask delivers moisture where it's needed, green tea and seaweed add radiance to the skin, you'll be sticking your neck out for this.

One thing I liked was this was a duo pack, it's nice to know that when something is good there is another waiting and this is good, relaxing, intensely moisturising, the serum enriched mask really oozes with great skincare properties and 30 minutes is time well spent.

Open the mask carefully, lay it flat and peel off the backing, there is a pool of hydrating serum in the packaging as well, ideal for applying overnight once you've removed the mask, use it all.

The mask has a floppy silicone feel, you do need to be lying flying flat, as this serum enriched mask will move if you move. Relax back, the mask is cooling on application, although supercharged with serum it's not too much and it feels very hydrating.

Peel away the mask and then I pressed the remaining product into my neck and down my chest. 

Below is the before (left) and after (right), close up I can see an improvement in the texture of my skin, it was smoother to the touch, brighter and I felt the lines didn't look as deep. 

A great alternative to neck creams and serums, ideal in the hot weather to cool and the perfect excuse to lie back for half an hour and just have 'you' time. 
Beauty Blvd gives you confidence in sticking your neck out. 

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