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Phil Smith Coco Licious Texture Spray - going loco with coco

Going loco for Phil Smith CocoLicious Texture Spray

Hair is not my strong point, the simpler the better for me, so, it has taken me a few years to figure out that textured anything is the kind of hair that my mother spent years brushing out. I realised that textured hair, is slightly messy, a little knotty but in a stylish way, beach waves and tousled.
I fell for the Phil Smith range recently, the Hello Moisture Conditioner was amazing, so, when this new range launched I was super keen to put my hand up and try the Texture Spray.
This lightweight spray can be used on wet, damp or dry hair, I find it works well for me when my hair is damp and just washed and conditioned with no other products added. I spray sections of my hair and just scrunch using my hands, the waves appear like magic and I adore the tousled, beach look that is achieved, super simple if you want great hair without too much fuss. You also have gorgeous scented hair, my pillow the following morning smelt of coconut. 
I also found the waves held in place and looked as good the next day.
CocoLicious Coconut Spray is summer hair the easy way, from root to tip, don't shy away from this.

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